Nirma ties up with Khyber for asli doodh si safedi

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Nirma wants to reinforce its image of 'doodh si safedi' by tying up with Khyber

Nirma wants to reinforce its image of ‘doodh si safedi’ by tying up with Khyber

Srinagar: Ahmedabad based detergent maker Nirma group has tied up with Kashmir’s Khyber group to give a new lease of life to its products known once for “doodh si safedi”.

The two companies are joining hands to produce a new line of detergents to be known as Khyber-Nirma detergents.

Of late Khyber has been in limelight for its breakthrough discovery of detergent based milk and Nirma wants to cash on the success.

Nirma’s iconic advertisement promising ‘doodh si safedi Nirma se aayi’ had turned it into a household brand in India.

CMD Nirma Karsanbbhai Patel said that by joining hands with Khyber they want to reinforce the image of ‘doodh si safedi’ with fresh vigour.

“To be honest we promised doodh si safedi from detergents, but Khyber group has taken it to whole new level by making it real, Not just doodh si safedi they produced the whole doodh from detergents,” Patel said

Nirma has been facing tough competition from multinational brands and it is betting on its tie up with Khyber as a major revival plan.

The success of Khyber milk cum detergent has also prompted the likes of Tide, Ariel and Rin to explore the prospects of collaboration with the Kashmiri group, but Nirma has managed to clinch the deal.


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