India to hold ‘referendum’ for weapons of choice in Kashmir

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weaponsSrinagar: India will hold a ‘referendum’ to empower Kashmiris to choose the weapons the state can use on them, Home Minister Rajnath Singh said here today while discussing the alternatives for pellet guns.

“This is as democratic as we can get,” Singh said at a press conference in Srinagar.

The poll for weapons of choice comes amid huge criticism for the state’s rampant use of pellet guns which has blinded hundreds and injured thousands of Kashmiri youth.

“We have always believed in giving the people of Kashmir their democratic choices. Like in the elections, we will give them a list of weapons we have in our kitty, and they can list their preferences” Singh explained.

“We will ask them what they prefer, death by bullets, blinding by pellets or burning by chilli grenades, and many other options like stink bombs, stun grenade, tasers, microwave. It is for them to choose, we have no dearth of choices to offer,” he said.

Singh said that even Pakistani weapons would be included in the list to make the referendum more inclusive.

J&K Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti who accompanied Singh said the proposed referendum would address the long term demands of Kashmiris, who have so far been denied a choice.

“Never before has such referendum taken place and it is due to our party’s stand and Mufti Saheb’s dream. You know Mufti Saheb would always dream. And see now Kashmiris are getting a choice in something so basic to their existence, (the weapons used on them),” Ms Mufti said.

Expressing her personal preferences, Ms Mufti said that she found the pellets guns more democratic than bullets.

“If you ask me, I think pellets are more democratic. They reach one and all. They don’t discriminate between five percent and 95 percent,” said Mufti. “But then at the end of the day democracy should prevail and those who face it should decide.”

Ms Mufti also warned the separatists against a boycott of the proposed referendum.

“If somebody decides to go for a boycott, the state reserves the right to use any weapon on them,” she said.


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