Traffic police books pedestrians to make up for lost revenue

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Traffic police said fines were an integral to state economy

In its efforts to make up for the revenue lost due to curfew and shutdowns, the J&K Traffic Police today started booking pedestrians for various traffic violations, as vehicular traffic remained very thin on the roads.

At an intersection in Lal Chowk, traffic police stopped some pedestrians and let them go only after they paid fines for violations, like not wearing helmet, not wearing a seat belt and not carrying documents.

“We have a target to meet, and there aren’t enough vehicles plying,” Manzoor Ahmad, a traffic policeman posted at the intersection told Dapaan.

Ahmad said, traffic fines were an important source of revenue to the state government, which he said have been badly hit by the curfews and shutdowns over the last two months.

“Besides, it is an indicator of normalcy,” he said.

Senior Superintendent of Police, Traffic Maqsood-ul-Zaman told Dapaan that police had full rights to book pedestrians for traffic violations.


Traffic lights are running to signal normalcy in Kashmir

“The pedestrians are using the roads, which are meant for vehicles. There is no rule book which says pedestrians cannot be booked or fined,” Zaman said.   “We have every right to book a person who walks in the middle of a deserted road.”

The traffic police in coordination with Police and CRPF have also established special check-in points outside curfewed areas.

“Those intending to enter or leave a curfewed or restricted area will have to pay toll fee too. It will have two slabs for pedestrians with curfew pass and without curfew pass,” said Zaman.

He said that rather than complaining people should cooperate, as traffic fines were not only integral to the state’s battered economy but also an important indicator of normalcy.

“We are even keeping the traffic lights running, despite absence of traffic to signal normalcy in the state,” Zaman added.

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