Govt to replace curfew passes with Toffee Passes

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tofepasSrinagar: The state government has decided to replace the age old curfew passes issued to media, essential services personnel, and in rare cases common people, with brand-new ‘Toffee Passes’ to help them get a safe passage through curfewed streets.

The new passes will carry the image of Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti offering a toffee and a jug of milk with her outstretched hand, Divisional Commissioner Kashmir Baseer Ahmad Khan told Dapaan.

Khan said the new cards besides being easy to understand would also give a humane touch to never ending curfew.

“The Toffee Pass will be a powerful pass, once you have it in you your hand, no harm can come to you,” Khan said.

A government spokesman said the people-friendly move comes after repeated demands from media personnel and medical staff who were consistently advised by police and paramilitary to use the curfew passes as toilet papers.

“These curfew passes are too small in size, so we could neither use them as toilet papers, nor put them to any other good use,” Zubair Ahmad,  a Srinagar based journalist told Dapaan. “And whenever we tried to use them, it was like they had “Beat Me Up” written in some secret code.”

Government sources said the introduction of Toffee Passes had become imperative after the chief minister had revealed the power of toffee and milk in her joint press conference with Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

“Today government formally elevated the status of these two sweet items,” said an official at the Civil Secretariat. “It will definitely change the environment. People using Toffee Passes will naturally look innocent and get away without any harm.”

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