Even Sul Kandur refuses to meet APD

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Man gone to buy milk abducted to fill his place

54002708Srinagar: Muhammad Sultan Sofi, a baker from Habba Kadal known popularly in the locality as Sul Kandur, today categorically refused to meet the All Parties Delegation of Indian parliamentarians, which he heard had been barging into houses and even jails to meet Kashmiri people.

Sofi made the announcement this morning at his shop full of customers who were in a hurry to get bread.

Sofi’s announcement caused a commotion in the shop, with shoppers hailing him and chanting pro-freedom slogans.

Sofi had downed the shutters of his shop before dawn after he heard some noises nearby and sensed that some APD members might be roaming in the night to look for people to talk.

Enthused shoppers carried Sofi on their back through the locality and raised slogans of ‘Sul Kandur Zindabad’, and ‘Go India Go Back’.

However, some sceptics remarked that the all customers should be welcome to the shop.

Meanwhile an embarrassed government hard pressed to present somebody before the APD abducted an old man from city who had ventured out to buy milk.

Eyewitnesses said that the man was bundled into the gypsy after the men in uniform told him that he will get surplus milk from another shop.

In the gypsy the man was given new clothes and subjected to a make up even as he cried aloud “bu chus begunah, me traviv yelle.  Sahab me gareeb aadmi hoo, mere chote chote bachche hain” 

The old man, according to sources, was later released in the evening with a new found confidence.

In front of his neighbours he recounted his meeting with somebody who was continuously talking about Kashmiri rat and Jammu rat.

“He asked me what I want, I said milk. Then he said ‘ek pava denge’,  but I insisted on two kilos. He then looked at Mehbooba who looked happy and said nothing,” said the old man. “There were other people too some of whom wanted bread, kerosene, rice and vegetables. I think that was some shopping mall but nobody got anything. They gave me no milk, but promised lots of chilies.”


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