Pickpockets roped in to boost India’s cashless drive

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cashlessThe government of India has roped in pickpockets across the country to give boost to its cashless economy campaign.

While the demonetisation has already left many people penniless and the larger population cashless, the government today said many people were still holding on to cash which needed to be done away with.

“There are still some  people holding on to cash. Especially those travelling by buses, and shopping from small time traders,” Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said after signing a MoU with the Pickpocket Association of India (PAI).

“This is where the pickpockets can come in handy,” Jaitley said.

President PAI, Raju Razorwala said the association would work overtime to render the Indian populace cashless.

“‘Make people cashless’ has always been out motto. But we never imagined someone could implement this motto on this scale,” Razorwala, who earned the name for his expertise in cutting off pockets with a razor from unsuspecting commuters, said.

“We have been making people cashless, randomly, here and there. But with Modi government’s blessings now, we will work with zeal to make everbody cashless,” Razorwala said.

He informed that the association has networks across the country in all the states, and asked government to subsidize their operations in rural areas.

Jaitley said the association members will be rewarded under various government schemes for promotion of cashless economy.

Welcoming the initiative, J&K Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti said that involving pickpockets was revolutionary step taken by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while Finance Minister Haseeb Drabu said the state won’t rely on pickpockets alone for its cashless drive.

“We will also rope in traffic police,” Drabu said.


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