It’s official: Khan brand ambassador for Kanwal Kehwa

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Kashmir’s leading colourful spice company Kanwal Agro has roped in Shabir Khan, former minister of state for health as the brand ambassador for its Kehwa range.

The company sources said the decision was taken in a bid to boost Kanwal’s battered image.

“Yes, we have selected Shabir Khan as our brand ambassador for Kehwa,” said Farooq Amin CEO Kanwal. “We believe he will come out clean and thus clean our image too. After all we too are innocent like Khan”

Khan is being hailed as the next big thing to have happened to traditional Kashmiri beverage after its invention by God knows who in ancient times. 

Accused of sexual harassment by a doctor (female in this case) over a non-existent cup of Kehwa, Khan is now a fellow at the prestigious Congress Hall of Gall, where its star alumnus Ghulam Ahmad Mir is mentoring newcomers.

Explaining their decision to hire Khan, Amin said, “This is purely a business decision and we want to capitalise on the marketing prowess of the former minister.” 

“Khan and Kehwa are now inseparable. If you type Kehwa in Google it says, Did you mean Shabir Khan’s Kehwa,” he said.

“So, we are excited at this new venture as Khan will be face of the whole kehwa range including Dodhe Kehwa, Konge Kehwa and Seodh Kehwa.”

The company plans to erect large billboards of Khan sipping Kehwa all around the state even as the slogan is being fine tuned.

Sources said Kanwal will also be covering paying Khan’s legal dues. “He is on ninth moon at this luscious modeling opportunity,” said a source close to him. “He is crossing his fingers as he inquires about the would-be models working with him.” 

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