JK to turn defunct schools into medical colleges

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schoolsSrinagar: The state government is planning to upgrade its decaying primary and secondary schools into medical colleges, Minister for Medical Education Taj Mohi-ud-Din said here today.

The move comes in the backdrop of federal government’s approval to four new colleges and subsequent demand for many more in the state legislative assembly coinciding with education department shutting down many of its schools.

“We are in touch with the School Education ministry, and we are on it together. It is a win win situation for both of us,” said Taj.

He added that the government was gearing up for increasing demand of medical colleges in the state.

“We are aware that the opening of four new medical colleges can trigger a wave of demands from every village, like we saw in the case of Tehsils. So we need to be prepared,” said Taj.

Deputy Chief Minister Tara Chand, who is also the Minister for School Education told Dapaan, “There is no doubt that nobody is interested in our schools, but medical colleges have demand. Huge demand. You see I couldn’t make a single penny on admissions, and that BOPEE head! You see.”

Chand added that the conversion of schools into medical colleges will be taken up in phases.

“First we would go with schools that we have already shut, and those with very little rolls. Gradually all the schools will be turned into medical colleges,” said Chand.

The announcement has already created enthusiasm among people in Kashmir, where a recent survey suggested that 117percent of parents want their children to become doctors.

Noor Muhammad, 53, a resident of Lal Bazar Srinagar expressed his jubilation while talking to Dapaan.

“I couldn’t become a doctor myself because I couldn’t get the right tutors. My children couldn’t become doctors, because competition has increased. Now I am content that at least my grandchildren can realize my dream” said Muhammad.

This time the Congress party wants to take full credit and not be outwitted like in the issue of administrative units, where ruling National Conference stole the credit and Congress was perceived as a stumbling block.

Sources in the Congress media cell said an aggressive poster campaign has been finalised.

The poster will have pictures of Taj and Chand along with Union Minister for Medical Education Ghulam Nabi Azad, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi with the slogan ‘Kashmiriyoon ka sapna saakar, ghar ghar hoga daaktaar’.


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