Failing to pay tip couple arrested for abandoning newborn

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Srinagar: Police has arrested a couple from Kashmir’s premier maternity hospital on charges of abandoning a newborn after failing to pay tip to paramedics.

The couple was arrested on a complaint by the hospital administration that they had failed to take custody of their newborn boy.

“They were not paying the mandatory tip to midwives and paramedics even five hours after their baby boy was born,” an official at L D Hospital Srinagar told Dapaan. “The hospital security frisked the couple and found that they were not even carrying enough money to pay the tip, raising suspicion that they intend to abandon the child.”

Police confirmed that the couple were not carrying enough cash to pay off the paramedics and said they have been booked on charges of cheating and intention to abandon a newborn.

“This is ultimate cruelty. The baby was crying as the paramedics kept it in their private room,” said a police officer. “And those irresponsible parents were still not making the payment. I have never seen such heartless parents.”

According to hospital sources the paramedic staff at the hospital even offered to accept anything other than money. “Some village folk offer chicken or pulses, and sometimes the well off even part with earrings,” a paramedic told Dapaan.

The standard practice for handing over the newborn to their parents at L D Hospital involves paying heavy tips to paramedical staff.

Relaxation is given in case of girl child under government’s Girl Child Welfare scheme.

Officials at the L D Hospital said that the couple cannot feign ignorance to the hospital norms.

“We receive hundreds of patients from across the valley every day.  Everyone is aware of the standard practices,” a hospital spokesman said adding that norms were not limited to the premier hospital.

“The model of L D Hospital has been successfully copied by maternity units of all hospitals in Kashmir, and even private hospitals are picking up,” he said.

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