Kindergarten admission lists trigger suicides, 5 dead

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news_2_8_2010_6Srinagar: At least five women died apparently by suicide, after failing to find their children make to the admission list of any Lal Chowk or Raj Bagh centric prestigious school.

Hospital sources said they received at least 10 cases of suicide attempts, out of which five succumbed.

Four prominent schools of Srinagar published their kindergarten admission lists, simultaneously, in local newspapers Monday.

Hospital sources told Dapaan that the women who consumed Harpic succumbed immediately, while as those who had consumed rat poison and sleeping pills were under treatment and out of danger.

“We tried our best to save these lives, despite the fact that our own staff was preoccupied with the Kindergarten admission lists,” DrRafiq Ahmad Pampori, Principal Government medical College told Dapaan.

Doctors said apart from the ten suicide attempt cases, the hospital also received over a dozen cases of woman complaining of breathlessness and carrying signs of shock and heavy depression.

The families of the five refused to talk to Dapaan and requested for privacy in their moment of grief.

Police spokesman Manoj Pandita said he had no information about these suicides.

“So far I haven’t received any information, if there will be something we would mail the statement to media offices tomorrow as usual,” Pandita said.

However, Inspector General of Police Abdul Gani Mir, said cases under section 174 CrPc have been filed in this regard.

“We are examining all angles, as it involves young married woman. We are also investigating if the women had any pressures from in-laws to get the kids admitted in prestigious schools,” Mir said.

Sociologist Prof Bashir Ahmad Dabla blamed cut throat competition for the suicides.

“We are in an age of cut throat competition and our social and moral values have dwindled, leading to these incidents,” said Dabla.

“Mostly we see suicides by students in case of secondary school examinations, but here the kids are too young for suicide, so the entire onus is on parents, especially the mothers,” said Dabla.

Meanwhile, the Kashmir Centre for Social and Developmental Studies (KCSDS), a civil society group in Srinagar, has condemned the schools for coming out with admission lists simultaneously.

“It needs to be investigated why they (schools) came out with lists on the same day. It was like end of road for those poor parents,” said Hameeda Nayeem, the chairperson of KCSDS.

Dr Mushtaq Margoob, a prominent psychiatrist of the Valley said that if the lists had come out at intervals, the shock value could have been reduced.

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