Akbar Lone to compile Kashmiri profane encyclopedia

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omar_faces_oppn5The J&K Cultural Academy has roped in state’s Higher Education minister Akbar Lone to compile the profanity edition of the ambitious Kashmiri encyclopedia project.

Lone, a former speaker of JK Legislative Assembly, is renowned for taking the profane lexicon to new heights in the state, and his vocal contributions, popularly referred to as Kalam-i-Akbari, are considered a masterpiece in the Kashmiri lexicon, a statement issued by the Cultural Academy said.

Secretary Cultural Academy Khalid Bashir told Dapaan that Lone’s contribution in the field made him a unanimous choice.

“We have roped in some eminent writers and educationists for the encyclopedia project, but for the edition on Kashmiri profanities, we could not have had a better choice than Mr Lone,” Bashir said.

lexiconAdbi Markaz Kamraz (AMK) hailed Lone’s appointment and described it as a fresh lease of life to endangered Kashmiri language.

“We welcome all those contributions aimed at keeping Kashmiri language alive,” Syed ShujaatBukhari General Secretary AMK told Dapaan.

However, the decision drew flak from an unlikely quarter.

The Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front Chairman Yasin Malik slammed Cultural Academy for what he described as favoritism and nepotism.

Stating that he was better equipped for the assignment than Lone, Malik said that the Cultural Academy “should have risen above politics to ensure meritocracy for  the important project of Kashmiri nation”.

“Who the **** is Lone. Just because he is from pro-India camp, doesn’t mean he knows it all. I know the lexicon far better than him, and have given my contribution whenever I got the chance,” Malik told Dapaan.

Bashir, however, said the appointment had nothing to do with politics.

“It is not about politics. We have nothing on record to suggest Mr Malik is better equipped than Mr Lone,” Bashir said.

The Academy’s answers were unable to pacify Malik.

“Just because he (Lone) has a big platform to perform doesn’t mean he is the only joker is the town,” Malik said “As far as this on record – off record thing is concerned, it is only an excuse.”

He, however, vowed to “put the record straight”.

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