Kanwal Khyber league players to get milk’n’spice

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Srinagar: While the high court has banned the sale of some products of Kanwal Agro Foods and Khyber Milk, the two companies have decided to use the unsold products as salary for their good for nothing league cricket teams.

From now on players would be paid with unsold spice packets and milk, a spokesman of Kanwal said, adding that this was the best way to assert confidence in the product.

An official of Khyber Milk also confirmed that the company was going to pay players with milk.

“What else can we do? Milk is good for health. And especially Khyber Milk, it cleanses body of all impurities,” He said while refusing to comment on the reports of detergent found in the product.

Meanwhile the players are saying, “aes laeg taavnas(we are doomed).”

To allay their fears, the company has assured the upgrading of bed capacity at Khyber Hospital.

“If entire teams and their families fall ill, we can now accommodate them in our hospital,” said a top official of the group overlooking Khyber Hospital.

Khyber Hospital is increasing capacity to cater to expected rush

Khyber Hospital is increasing capacity to cater to expected rush

“We are expecting a boom in our hospital business so we are investing heavily in it. I am Khyber, I am cancer, is our new mantra”

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