AAP inspires KAP, with vacuum cleaner symbol

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images SRINAGAR: Inspired by the tremendous success of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in New Delhi, a number of retired bureaucrats in Jammu and Kashmir have joined hands to launch Khaas Admi Party (KAP).
The party has chosen Vacuum Cleaner as the election symbol, a huge upgrade over the AAP’s broom symbol.

“We believe mere sweeping won’t work here, we will have to suck up everything,” said Salim Khan, a former bureaucrat while justifying Vacuum Cleaner symbol.

The idea of forming the party came after they saw Arvind Kejriwal a former bureaucrat shun his office and run for elections.

“His main reason was that leaders always created obstacles in his work and he was never given a free hand,” said Khan.

“Same has happened with us,” said an emotional Khan. “The leaders never left us alone, on every project they got the hefty commission and we got peanuts.”

“We made mathematically impossible calculations to get double returns out of every single project even without its inauguration,” said a proud Khan. “But then these leaders got the major chunk of it.

On our sweat they purchased villas and flats in Dubai whereas we barely managed to get properties in Delhi and Mumbai besides Kashmir.”

The party is gung ho about the next elections, which they hope to sweep with full majority.

Asked about the unique name, Khan said that Kashmir is different than India, the Khas represents the special status of Kashmir.

“Besides Aam doesn’t work here, a good doctor working for charity won’t get patients here, but a bad doctor with huge fee would get,” said Khan.

To preserve special status of Kashmir, the KAP would also fight for curtailing the cut given to IAS officers in Kashmir.

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