Enlightened Mufti says Kashmir best suited for Slum Tourim

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Dharavi not Davos, to be the new model  

Mufti discussing prospects of slum tourism

Mufti discussing prospects of slum tourism

Mumbai: Describing slum tourism as the only viable tourism model for Kashmir, Chief Minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed Sunday said that his government was working hard to replicate the Dharavi model in Kashmir.

Sayeed, accompanied with Finance Minister Haseeb Drabu, was interacting with travel operators and local residents, during an extensive tour of the famed Dharavi slums of Mumbai, Asia’s largest and most visited slum.

Sayeed said that after September floods visitors had already begun to describe the Valley as a beautiful slum and it was the best time to exploit its potential.

“Our roads, our facilities, I can assure you, no slum in the world can beat us,” Sayeed said while inviting the big wigs of slum tourism industry to Kashmir.

Mufti described Dharavi as Chota kashmir

He said that while infrastructure in Kashmir was always handicapped, the September floods had taken it to an altogether new level.

“After floods, we have no roads, no bridges, nning about it and then a thought came to my mind that we can turn this disaster into an opportunity,” said Sayeed.

Sayeed said he told people in Kashmir not to hanker about the flood relief packages as that could hamper the slum tourism prospects.

“One of the first things we did after coming to power was to maintain a status quo. We didn’t touch a single road and even stopped work on number of projects,” said Sayeed. “This gives a bombed out look to Kashmir complete with dust storm like environment. It is adventurous and people love it.”

A internal report by government has also revealed that traditional forms of tourism are no longer sustainable.

“Tulips hardly grow for 20 days, unruly visitors complain of crumbling infrastructure at Mughal gardens, Gulmarg has become crowded Somalia and even Ropeways over graves in Srinagar have failed to draw tourists,” the 120 page report says. “It is high time that government starts a new model of tourism, which is cheap and doesn’t need much care.”

Giving details Finance Minister Haseeb Drabu said that while Dharavi model would be adapted to promote the whole of Kashmir valley, a separate flood tourism project would also be taken up to bring new areas on the tourist map.

“We have residential and commercial areas constantly under flood threat, and guided tours to these areas by buses or boats depending on the weather would kind of qualify for adventure tourism,” Drabu explained.

download (6)Drabu also informed that the Sayeed’s interaction with Bollywood bigwigs was also related to the project.

“We are exploring a possibility of Bollywood sequel of Slumdog Millionaire in Kashmir and we are sure it will do wonders to our valley as the original movie did to Dharavi,” said Drabu.

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