Kashmiri leader burns Dulat book after finding no mention

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An angry Mir in Lal Chowk

An angry Javed Mir in  Lal Chowk

Srinagar: Kashmiri Separatist leader Javed Mir set fire to a copy of former spymaster A S Dulat’s book here today after failing to find a mention in the book.

Mir, a former leader of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front and and longtime aide of Yasin Malik, surfaced in Srinagar’s press enclave this afternoon with a copy of Kashmir-the Vajpayye years in one hand, and a matchbox in another.

“This is a pack of lies, and Dulat is no authority to decide who is a Kashmiri leader,” Mir told the journalists before setting the book on fire. “Dulat is resorting to selective lying.”

“I had been following his interviews, all of them, one after another, and I had also prepared a denial statement like others, but in none of his interviews he took my name. Yesterday I bought the book and I read it through the night,” said Mir.

bookdulat“Am I not a leader,” roared Mir. “If he lied about others, why not about me. Am I not the legendary Javed Nalka that I was.”

Asserting that he had never met or talked to Dulat, or to any of the Indian intelligence officials, Mir described the book as a intelligence ploy to weaken the resolve of Kashmiri resistance leaders like him.

“Why is he talking about some, and not taking names of others. It is a ploy to create dissension in the ranks,” Mir said. “But he will not be able to break our resolve.”

Dulat, a fomer head of the intelligence agencies IB and R&AW, has ruffled many feathers in Kashmir with his book.

In a telephonic interview with Dapaan, Dulat,  however expressed regret over the book burning incident.

“Have I really not mentioned him (Mir). O I thought I had. So sorry if I really haven’t.” Dulat said.

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