India lays Hydroxychloroquine mines on LoC to fight Pak’s Corona infiltration

Apr 23rd, 2020 | By

Srinagar: Days after military and police officials disclosed that Pakistan was infiltrating corona infected patients through Line of Control (LoC), Indian army has started fortifying the Line of Control in Kashmir with Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) mines. The army is also replacing sandbags in the bunkers with HCQ bags and plans to fire HCQ darts instead of
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Hastags #istandwith… violate social distancing protocols: Police warns

Apr 21st, 2020 | By

Srinagar: Police in Kashmir warned journalists and social media users to desist from using the hashtags #istandwithmasratzahara and #istandwithpeerzadaashiq, which they said prima facie “violate social distancing protocols”. “We have seen since yesterday, everyone is claiming to stand with Masrat Zahra, and even Peerzada Ashiq. We believe they are not maintaining the required six-feet distance
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Philanthropy: Kashmiri businessman offers 5-star hotel to govt as quarantine – for himself

Apr 19th, 2020 | By

Srinagar: Riding the COVID-19 philanthropic wave, a top Kashmiri businessman has offered his five-star hotel (obviously out of business these days) to government for use as a quarantine facility, if the government “really” decides to put him into quarantine.  Minutes after the offer, Deputy Commissioner, Srinagar, Shahid Choudary gleefully took to Twitter to publicise the
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Forced to beat essential employees as none else out in lockdown: Police

Apr 18th, 2020 | By

Srinagar: Reacting to criticism that its men were beating essential service workers in Kashmir, Police today said that it was forced to do so as the workers were the only ones out on streets, and “thus the only ones available for a beating”. “You have to understand that we are not doing it by choice.
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Putin to send lions to defend ‘Russian poplars’ facing axe in Kashmir

Apr 13th, 2020 | By

Srinagar: Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to dispatch his famed lions to defend the Russian poplars facing an onslaught in Kashmir. Russian news agency Tass Ptass said the President was ‘distraught’ by news of Russian female poplars being ‘demonised’ and ‘brutalised’ in Kashmir, after which he decided to put the lions into service. The
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Hospital returns donated ventilators, says not good looking enough

Apr 11th, 2020 | By

Srinagar: A government hospital in Kashmir has returned mobile ventilators donated by a charity in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, stating that the machines lacked “good looks”. The hospital is badly in need of additional ventilators in the face of COVID pandemic, but said couldn’t compromise on “colour and looks” of the equipment. “I thought
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Kashmir’s COVID figures show integration complete after Art 370 abrogation: Amit Shah

Apr 11th, 2020 | By

New Delhi: The prevalence of COVID-19 cases in Kashmir along with other states has proved the region has been fully integrated with the Union of India after the abrogation of Article 370, Home Minister Amit Shah said today. “What better proof should we present to the countrymen of the success of abrogation of Article 370
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Lockdown impact: Modi promises 1000 maternity hospitals across India

Apr 9th, 2020 | By

New Delhi: Bracing up for the extended COVID-19 lockdown impact on Indian society, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that his government would  come up with 1000 new maternity hospitals across the country over the next six months. Addressing the weekly Mann ki Baat radio programme, Modi said the lockdown would be a time for
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Kashmir women group slams govt for axing female poplars, terms it sexist

Apr 8th, 2020 | By

Srinagar: A women’s group from Kashmir has slammed the government order calling for axing of female poplars as sexist and urged the administration to revoke the anti-feminist directive. The Cashmere Women Catchup (CWC) threatened to launch an online campaign against officials behind the directive to expose their “inherent anti-female motives”. “This order is inherently sexist
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Employee terminated for misspelling Bukhari as Bikhari

Apr 7th, 2020 | By

Srinagar: The J&K government has terminated an employee for allegedly misspelling Bukhari as Bikhari in a social media post. A government spokesman said the employee’s Facebook post, ‘Bikhari sab is great’, violated the Modi-fied code of conduct for employees (and citizens), in which any perceived intentions of criticism are to the rooted out at the
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