By asking us to teach, Govt playing with future of students: Teacher’s Forum

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qayoomSrinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir Teachers Forum President Abdul Qayoom Wani today lashed out at the government for forcing union leaders to teach students.

Wani said the government was playing with the future of students by asking teacher’s union leaders like him to teach.

“We haven’t taken classes in decades, How and what are we going to teach. Don’t you think it would be injustice to the students.”

Flanked by other members of union, Wani said teachers like him would be a bad influence on innocent students and that he would challenge the government’s “perfidy” regarding his posting as teacher in the high court.

“I was transferred for speaking my heart out against the chocolate boy. You all said that my language was un-parliamentary,” Wani said. “Now suddenly, has my language become good enough for students.”

Wani said the forum would resist the government move through legal means.

“We are ready to challenge the government order in high court but we have to stop for some days until Wani learns the essay on ‘cow’ by heart,” Mian Abdul Qayoom, High Court Bar president told Dapaan. “For we should be sure that if a judge asks Wani about cow, he should have it on the tip of his tongue.”

State’s Advocate General Jahangir Iqbal Ganai however stated he would defend the government’s move and would pray to court to invoke “cow judgement” in the case.

“Wani can’t get the stay order from court, for that he has to mug the cow,” Ganai said.

Last week Wani had offered to teach Director School Education Shah Faesal a lesson, but the director wanted to test his teaching skills on students first.

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2 Comments to “By asking us to teach, Govt playing with future of students: Teacher’s Forum”

  1. Dr Waseem says:

    If Wani has not taken Classes for decades then for wt he has been paid. The salary f these years should b recovered from him.

  2. Dar aijaz says:

    Mr qayoom sahab you are first a teacher then a leader,if can’t teach you should leave the job and join politics.what the hell is this? That you are the leader of teachers and doesn’t know how to teach…and how you know about the problems faced by teachers as you are not having any experience in the said field?sorry mr qayoom you also have no right to talk about the future of the students…only a sincere teacher knows the value of future of the student…