Bose an LeT operative now fighting in Syria: Headley resolves mystery

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Headley recognised Subhas Bose in this picture and revealed the picture was taken in Syria recently

Headley recognised Subhash Bose in this picture and revealed that the picture was taken in Syria recently

Mumbai: India’s new darling and its authentic prosecution witness in 26/11 Mumbai attack David Coleman Headley has resolved the longstanding mystery shrouding Subhas Chandra Bose by deposing in the special court that Bose was not only alive, but was a Lashkar-e-Toiba operative now fighting with Islamic State in Syria.

Headley, a US national and an LeT militant turned approver, is deposing in a Mumbai court via video link on the 2008 attack as a witness for the prosecution.

Headley identified the photo of Bose, which the special public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam carried in his bag and erroneously showed it in the court room.

“I am showing you three photographs. Can you identify them?” Nikam said. “Hafiz Sayeed, Zaki u Rehman Lakhvi, Moulana Masood Azhar.”

Headley paused before replying, “I think fourth photograph you have put back in the bag is relevant. He is Subhas Chandra Bose and was a LeT operative but right now fighting alongside cadres of IS in Syria.”

Despite Nikam’s protests that the photograph was not part of prosecution theory, the court took on record that “Bose was alive and fighting in Syria.”

At the end of the day’s deposition, as his testimony was read out to him, Headley added, “I was told that Bose was very enthusiastic in leading military adventures for civilians  and to my understanding he now has joined the IS and is very much alive in Syria.”

Confirming Headley’s allegations, India’s unofficial  authority on intelligence, Praveen Swami told Dapaan, “I always knew it, but never revealed it for fear of offending the sentiments of His Highness, Arnab Goswami, as he is a Bengali.”

Swami said it was a top secret that Bose was arrested in Kashmir in early 90’s and was released along with Masood Azhar in Kandahar.

“We never made it public, as nobody would have believed it, but now that Headley is saying it, we know everyone would take it as a gospel truth,” Swami said.

He added that Bose’s proximity to Islamic Caliphate dated back to his alliance with Axis powers during the second world war, which included the Ottoman Empire.

Headley’s revelations have added a feather of Narendra Modi’s cap who had tried to resolve the Bose mystery by declassifying documents related to him.

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