Fearing revengeful diagnosis Lal Singh avoids doctors despite fever

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Former health minister Choudary Lal Singh is refusing to visit a doctor despite running a high fever, fearing revenge from the community he had been abusing during his ministerial stints, Singh’s family said here today.

Addressing a press conference at Jammu press club, Singh’s wife, Kanta Andotra asked the Peoples Democratic Party President Mehbooba Mufti to hasten the process of government formation, so that Singh could “fearlessly” visit a doctor.

“For the past several days he (Singh) is running a high fever. He refuses to see a doctor fearing they would diagnose him with some embarrassing ailment,” Andotra said. “Please have some mercy on us and cobble up the coalition so that he can fearlessly visit a hospital like a ringmaster again.”

Instead of visiting a doctor Singh has been consulting soothsayers to keep his body temperature under control.

Dapaan has learnt that apart from burning incense sticks in his room all day on the suggestion of priests, Singh also got walls of his bedroom and living room demolished to carve out new entrances.

Meanwhile, Doctors Association of Kashmir issued a statement stating that Singh had nothing to fear and was always welcome at the government hospital for psychiatric diseases.

The Association said that Singh will be provided the required counselling and treatment at the hospital without any malice.

Dr Gurmeer Kour, Registrar at the Hospital for Psychiatry Diseases Jammu told Dapaan that the staff was familiar with Singh’s behaviour and could keep a special ward ready for him.

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