Vijay Mallya denies running away with Modi’s achhe din

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mallyaLiqour baron and Member of Parliament Vijay Mallya today denied allegations that he had run away with Modi’s promised achhe din (good days).

The self claimed king of good times, who has apparently fallen on bad times, told Dapaan in an exclusive interview from an undisclosed location that he had no interest in immaterial things with dubious credentials.

“What achhe din. I am a law abiding citizen and why should I run with immaterial things,”Mallya said. “Had achhe din existed, I as the king of good times would not have been able to see this day and fallen to bad times.”

Mallya said that with him having fallen on bad times, “everybody is going to blame me for running away with their shit”.

Earlier while replying to opposition’s allegations of letting the liquor baron run away from the country, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said government would take all measures to bring back Mallaya and achhe din that he has taken along.

“Until now it was the issue between banks and Vijay Mallaya, but now running away with nation’s achhe din that we have promised to the people, government can’t watch like a mute spectator,” Jaitley said.

Meanwhile, home minister Rajnath Singh told media outside parliament that a day before leaving country Mallya was seen in the parliament, where he is suspected of having laid hands on Prime Minister Modi’s prized acche din.

“We have monitored CCTV footage of the parliament and in it Mallya is seen filling achhe din in 14 suitcases,” Singh said. “The evidence is credible.”

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