Mehbooba bans her own videos for inciting unrest

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Srinagar: Clamping down on ‘objectionable content’ available on the internet that ‘incites unrest’, Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has banned her old government-bashing videos recorded during her days in opposition.

Ms Mufti has directed the cyber cell of the police to get such content removed from the internet and take action against people sharing them.

In the videos Ms Mufti is castigating the government for killing people, blinding them with pellet guns, arresting youth,  and choking peaceful means of protests.

“These videos are used to incite unrest and create disaffection towards the government. Anyone found responsible for uploading and sharing the video would be arrested under Public Safety Act, and booked for waging war against the state,” a police officer dealing with the matter in cyber security cell told Dapaan.

Blaming the opposition for circulating the “mischievous videos” government spokesman Naeem Akhtar  said,  “The opposition is stooping too low by circulating very old interviews of the Madam chief minister. How can Madam be critical of the policy she is executing.”

“The interviews are being taken out of context. They were related to 2010, when Omar Abdullah was playing a dance of death on the streets of Kashmir. It has nothing to do with 2016,” Akhtar said.

Police efforts to trace the original source of the video proved counterproductive as it was found that the videos had been uploaded by top Peoples Democratic Party leaders in 2010 and shared widely by the party sympathisers.

“We are still confused about the cut-off date to be set for declaring the sharing of these videos as crime. However, whoever is sharing it today, will be booked under law,” the officer said.

Meanwhile, the state’s Law department has written to online video sharing website, Youtube, and social networking giant, Facebook, asking them to remove the videos from their sites, citing copyright infringement.

“Ms Mufti holds the copyrights of all her acts. No one can circulate her works without her permission,” the letter dispatched by the law department reads.

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