Flattery, sycophancy allowed: JK govt clarifies on social media gag

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Srinagar: Amid criticism over its social media gag for employees, the J&K government today clarified that the gag was not applicable to flattery and sycophancy of the government.

All posts falling under the “chaploos” category are not only welcome, they would be appreciated, officials said here.

The tweaked rules were published on the GAD website and brought a relief to half a million government employees who were wondering whether praising their immediate boss would be treated as an offence.

“Flattery, sycophancy and praise of the government and ruling parties, is appreciable and will score points for the employee,” Director Information J&K Muneer-ul-Islam said in a special video message on his Facebook page.

To illustrate, Muneer cited examples of his own posts, especially the latest where he is batting for the new minister dogged by his swearing-in gaffe.

“You see, I am posting, and the ban doesn’t apply. Here I am defending the thing, without mentioning the dog,” Muneer said referring to his post.

“Even though I had no need to score more points as I had done my job offline, by making the dog disappear from many places,” he added.

While social media posts by some other officials suggested they were aware of the exempted category of posts, many otherwise active users were still sharing songs by Muhammad Rafi.

Chief Spokesman of the government Naeem Akhtar told Dapaan that the social media gag was aimed at bringing discipline in the online world.

“See how much chaos is on this anti-social media. Earlier, we were not there, now Mehbooba ji is there, we all are there, so it is our duty to clean it up,” Akhtar said.

“However, many already disciplined officials were confused, and we have clarified for them that there are exemptions for positive posts, like praise of Mufti Sahibs policies.”

Akhtar said that director information Muneer has been asked to hold workshops teaching employees about the social media etiquette.

“I would be actually teaching them how to write paeans and short stories in praise of government,” Muneer told Dapaan.

Meanwhile, within hours of the clarification, social media in Kashmir was flooded with messages congratulating Tassaduq Mufti for becoming minister and realising dream of Mard-e Momin, and Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti for ushering in a new year.

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