Power cuts to turn Kashmiris into mathematical wizards: Govt

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Srinagar: Long, random and frequent power cuts in Kashmir Valley have the potential of turning ordinary Kashmiris into mathematical wizards, the J&K government asserted today.

The power cuts are regulated by a complex set of algorithms, officials said, and breaking these algorithms to predict the next power puzzle required enhanced math skills.

“We are utilsing  complex software and algorithm to determine when power to certain areas is switched on and off,” said Nirmal Singh, Power Minister of J&K. “Sometimes it is cut at 9 AM for one hour, then for two hours at 1 PM and then 1.5 hours at 7 pm followed by 1.45 minutes cut at 10 pm. Then there are other factors like metered and non-metered areas, VIP and non VIP areas, emergency services and so on.”

Responding to the criticism that frequent power cuts in winter were creating problems for residents, especially students, the government asked people to instead look at the brighter side of darkness.

“The dark hours can not only be used for meditation, but will also sharpen the memory and math skills,” government spokesman Nayeem Akhtar said.

“We Kashmiris have a strong urge to know and master the power schedule, not only of our own, but of our neighbours too. All this hard work will definitely sharpen the mathematical skills not only of our students but entire population,” he asserted.

The government has not published a power cut schedule this year, and has resorted to random outages.

A PDD official said that both power and power cuts unleash unprecedented innovation and creativity among Kashmiris.

“Hooking, exchanging power supply among neighbouring localities, and using the small power window to use all power gadgets, only Kashmir can do that,” he said.

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