JK to introduce plastic pants to curb dog bites

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Srinagar: After failing to curb the stray dog population in state, the J&K government has decided to introduce hardened plastic pants among the residents to curb the menace of dog bites.

The pants will first be provided in Kashmir Valley and have been made mandatory for tourists visiting Kashmir.

Giving details commissioner of Srinagar  Municipal Corporation (SMC) Riyaz Ahmad Wani said the hardened pants will relieve its dog catchers from the arduous task of running after the dogs.

“We are tired of running after the bitches. And no matter how many we grab, new bitches keep appearing in the market.” Wani told Dapaan, while admitting the failure of birth control programs.

Found on almost each and every street in Kashmir in large packs, dogs enjoy impunity in Kashmir under animal rights and safety act.

“Neither can we can change the habits of residents, who cry hoarse about dog bites, but feed and shelter the bitches when pregnant,” Wani said.

Under the new program approved by the government, the SMC will procure specialised hardened pants and sell them to residents at subsidised rates.

Meanwhile, the state tourism minister, Tassaduq Mufti said the pants would also be made mandatory for tourists visiting the state.

“We can’t afford to put tourists at risk. Their safety is our paramount concern. So once we get the consignments, these pants would be distributed among tourists at all entry points of the state free of cost,” Mufti said.

The move however was strongly opposed by known animal rights activist Javed Iqbal Shah, who has filed a petition in High Court.

Shah, a member of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), said government has to prove that the hardened pants would not affect the teeth of canines while attempting to bite people.

“There is every apprehension that government wants to target the canine population by rendering them unfit,” Shah told Dapaan. “Let the government first prove that their so called hardened pants wouldn’t affect the teeth of canines. After all what can dogs or bitches do without teeth.”

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