Army gave free bonnet ride to Farooq: Mehbooba

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The J&K government today said army had given free bonnet ride to human shield Farooq Ahmad Dar as a goodwill gesture.

Dispelling the wild allegations of human rights violation against army, Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti told the J&K assembly that the army had not charged Dar even a single penny for the half day “chartered ride” through scores of villages.

“Our investigation has found that army paraded Dar on the jeep bonnet to showcase him as a model citizen,” Mufti said. “There were people throwing stones at army but when army found Dar had cast a vote they couldn’t believe their eyes after seeing an indelible ink mark on his finger. They were elated and decided to showcase Dar as a model citizen through the villages.”

According to Mufti Dar was given the free ride under Indian army’s highly publicised programme “Wattan Ki Sair”.

“In all this Dar wasn’t charged anything, instead army paid money for the entire exercise,” Mufti said on the floor of House to a thundering applause from Treasury benches. “Dar was also given a celebrity like coverage by Indian media again without spending even a single penny.”

Later on minister Naeem Akhtar dared opposition to prove them wrong.

“Let the opposition especially the MLA from area Omar Abdullah prove us wrong,” Akhtar told Dapaan. “Let him say that Farooq Dar was charged for the bonnet ride.”

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