PDP to replace party symbol with finger

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PDP says the symbol is nowadays called a poke

PDP says the symbol is nowadays called a poke

Srinagar: The Peoples Democratic Party is mulling to replace its party symbol -ink-pot and pen- with a flashing middle finger.

The proposal was discussed by the party at a meeting presided by patron Mufti Mohammed Sayeed in Jammu, the state’s winter capital.

“The photograph of middle finger shown by our legislator from Shangus Peerzada Mansoor in the Assembly few days back has got thousands on likes on Facebook,” Nayeem Akther, PDP spokesman told Dapaan.

“Compared to our symbol of ink-pot and pen, the symbol is a hit among the public. So we think it will make a better symbol. In the present era it’s called a poke.”

Sources in PDP said the party has already written to election commission of India (ECI) seeking the change.

“We have asked them if we can get it changed before the upcoming parliamentary elections,” the source said. “We are waiting for their response.”

The PDP legislators have applauded Mansoor for flashing middle finger in the assembly that is currently in session.

However, there are apprehensions that the ruling National Conference may stake its claim on the symbol.

The tradition of flashing middle finger in JK assembly was started by former speaker and National Conference (NC) legislator Mohammed Akbar Lone.

Akhtar acknowledged that NC had the first claim, but added that they won’t be interested.

“Politics is the battle of wits,” Akther said. “In NC, the family decision rules, the acts of individuals are not acknowledged otherwise it was Lone who deserves a pat for showing middle finger.”

The National Conference seems to be divided on the issue.

Sources said that there were a few voices in the NC who wanted to stake claim on the middle finger, but the Abdullah family was not heeding.

“We are not interested,” said NC Additional General Secretary Mustafa Kamal. “The PDP can even use our middle finger, I mean Akbar Lone’s finger, if they want.”

NC high command is content with its symbol

Kamal added that NC’s symbol, a plough, already represents three fingers, with a wavy middle finger.

 Social scientist, Prof Amin Wani, described PDP’s proposal as positive.

“This speaks of a changed approach in PDP to appeal to the masses. Their present symbol is classist, and exclusivist, and if I should say, a pen and an inkpot, sounds vulgar,” Wani said.


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