Diaper reporting of Taimur Ali Khan healthy journalism: NIA clarifies

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Srinagar: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) which has taken upon itself the role of defining real journalism today clarified it considers diaper reporting of star kid Taimur Ali Khan as healthy journalism.

The clarification came after the agency was criticised for ignoring quality journalism in its initial list which covered only government functions and birthday parties of politicians and bureaucrats.

“Of course we consider Taimur Ali Khan as a national icon. It is imperative that nation is aware of who changes diapers of baby Taimur and how many times in a day his diapers need to be changed,” said Yogesh Chander Modi, Director General, NIA during a specially called press conference in New Delhi.

The Director General said Taimur reporting reflects a positive image of country otherwise tarnished by reporting on conflict, rioting, scams and farmer suicides.

“There are some mischievous reporters who only cover dark spot like conflict, rights violations, scams and farmer deaths. We can’t call them true journalists,” Chander Modi said. “Real journalists focus on reports that increase the cuteness index of the country and reporting on Taimur is one such example.”

He congratulated newspapers like Indian Express and Times of India for tirelessly covering the activities of Taimur and other issues like dresses worn by Anukhsha Sharma.

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