Jammu transporters construct Wislawa temple to rein in Basant Rath

Feb 25th, 2018 | By | Category: New, Society

Transporters in the city of temples are building a temple dedicated to Wislawa, to rein in the top traffic cop Basant Rath who has made life difficult for them by executing traffic rules like a martial law.

The transporters said that they do not know who Wislawa is, but the way Basant keeps invoking her she seems to have power over him.

“This is our only hope. We found out from internet that Wislawa is found in Poland. We ordered a statue and are raising the temple. Now we will pray to Wislawa to spare us from the wrath of this man,” Anuj Sethi of Jammu Transporters Association said explaining that the execution of traffic laws like a martial law has become a pain for them.

“So many of our vehicles are grounded for one or the other reason. It is a martial law. What do we do, when he doesn’t hear his bosses even,” Sethi said.

While Basant is known to hear none among his superiors or political bosses, he is often seen vowing in the name of Wislawa.

“He only cares if Wislawa is happy with him. So we thought why not find out who this deity is and plead to her to keep Basant cool,” Sethi said.

Pappu Sharma of Auto Drivers association told Dapaan that they are also supporting the temple construction.

“Once the temple is complete Basant Rath will hopefully spend his day there paying tributes to his beloved Wislawa and leave the roads alone,” Sharma said.

National Panthers Party chairman Prof Bhim Singh told Dapaan he is unable to ride his “famous world tour bike” because of Basant fear.

“Thankfully there was no Basant Rath when I did that world tour in 1970. Usne to Jammu mein hi mera challan karna tha to mein world  tour kithe karta (He would have booked me in Jammu, how would have gone on world tour),” Singh said calling it as another failure of the BJPDP government.

“I demand President’s rule at the earliest in the state.” he said.


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