Farooq Abdullah seeks Imran Khan’s help for Omar’s re-marriage

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Srinagar: National Conference president Farooq Abdullah is seeking help from Pakistani cricketer-politician Imran Khan in guiding his son Omar Abdullah in matrimonial affairs.

Congratulating and hailing Khan for his recent hattrick, Abdullah has shot off an emotional letter to third-time married Khan, informing him of Omar’s desperation to get rid of his anklets.

Omar is seeking divorce from estranged wife Payal and has pleaded a court to set him free for remarriage.

“You are the only hope I see in South Asia. You are only one who played all innings like a playboy. Please keep politics aside and take it as a humanitarian issue, and coach and counsel my son,” Abdullah said in the letter reportedly dispatched through a Kashmiri separatist with matrimonial links in Pakistan.

Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) office is tight-lipped over the matter and refuse to divulge details to media about Abdullah’s SOS call.

Imran Khan is seen as an expert in marriages, divorces, and their announcments

“People do approach our chairman to seek guidance in a wide range of fields, from sports to politics to life,” Shireen Mazari spokesperson of PTI told Dapaan. “Even outside Pakistan people see him as a role model and our office is flooded with letters seeking Khan’s intervention.”

Marazi however, said PTI was bound to maintain secrecy around matrimony.

“We are following an unwritten rule to maintain secrecy around marriages and divorces, be it of our chairman or someone else,” Marazi said.

However, Abdullah’s letter has created a buzz in Pakistan with media giving people respite from Nawaz-Khan tussle to discuss the new SOS call from Kashmir threadbare.

“Imran’s experience both in divorces and remarriages has of course elevated him to a position of being a subject expert in matrimonial law in entire South Asia, so it is obvious that people would seek his help regardless of their location,” Nadeem Paracha, a Pakistani journalist and cultural critic in his weekly column in English daily Dawn.

Confronted by reporters in Delhi about sending his SOS to Pakistan, Abdullah blurted.

“What are you talking? For heaven’s sake try to see me here as a father and not a politician, I will approach everyone for the happiness of my son, who has been abandoned for a decade but not set free.”


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