Kashmir is a Chai problem, says Drabu

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J&K Finance minister Haseeb Drabu today said that Kashmir is only a chai (tea) problem, as Kashmiris relish nun chai (a salted pink tea) unlike Indians.

“Please don’t see Kashmir as political problem, it is purely a chai problem, a nun chai problem between us (J&K) and India,” Drabu said. “Indian leaders have been barking up the wrong tree for the last 50 or 70 years, all you have to do is to find a tea plant.”

Explaining the genesis of Kashmir problem, which he said was only a matter of taste, Drabu said Kashmiris, unlike Indians, like to have salted pink tea locally referred to as nun chai.  The regular sweet tea is referred to as lipton chai in Kashmir.

“It gets confused sometimes as a political problem, because originally we used rock salt from Pakistan in the preparation of nun chai. Many Kashmiri still long for Pakistani salt, but that is only a matter of taste, which changes over time,” Drabu said.

Talking to Dapaan at a tea shop run by his family in Srinagar, Drabu said the solution to the Kashmir problem lies in having more places like ‘Chai Jai’, where Kashmiris could find an “outlet for nun chai aspirations”, while experimenting integration of “nun chai and lipton tea”.

“Too much of nun chai, has turned Kashmiris into skeptics. They look at everything with suspicion. I told my family, I told my party, let us serve lipton tea in a samovar. Kashmiris will love it,” Drabu said. “Then I suggested let’s mix nun chai and lipton chai. Finally it will be all lipton and there will be no problem.”


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