JK govt to ban education to contain militancy

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Srinagar: The J&K government is mulling to ban formal education for its citizens after a study carried out by ruling Peoples Democratic Party’s youth wing blamed schools and colleges for the spurt in militancy and stone pelting the state.

The state’s Education Minister Syed Altaf Bukhari told Dapaan that government was seriously thinking on the ban to prevent well educated recruits into militants.

“We are seeing motivated recruits with high education giving a fresh legitimacy to gun. Then we are also witnessing students including young women indulging in stone pelting, protests outside their educational institutions,” Bukhari said.

“What does it mean. It means education has given us nothing but militants and stone pelting protestors.”

Bukhari said the Chief Minister had commissioned a study to PDP’s ¬†youth wing which has cited education as the mother of all problems in Kashmir including militancy and unemployment.

PDP insiders say the study was carried out on the “scientific lines” under the supervision of Professor Amitabh Mattoo, who is advisor to the Chief Minister.

The PDP youth president Waheed-ur- Rehman Para in an exclusive interview to Dapaan explained the nuances of the study which according to him was “youth-centric”.

“In the prevailing scenario we thoroughly studied that no sooner the situation worsens, government brings it back to the normal only after closing the schools, deferring exams, suspending internet, etc.” Parra said. “We carried out a research study where in we kept the situation as one of the variables and youth as another. We found out a direct link between young students and the worsening of situation and concluded education is the problem and banning it will bring peace.”

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