Security withdrawn, Hurriyat leader posts ads for ‘grocery boys’

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Srinagar: A few days after government withdrew security to Hurriyat leaders in Kashmir, one of them is looking for grocery boys for his Srinagar home.

Prof Abdul Gani Bhat has placed an advertisement in a local newspaper seeking ‘grocery boys’.

“I told India and I am telling you too. That, we do not need any security,” Bhat, a former chairman of the Hurriyat Conference, told Dapaan. “One should have security of the Almighty God. We were reluctant from the day one but at that time they dropped the security here telling us they would be useful in fetching groceries.”

According to Bhat the decision to scrap security of separatists has already gone into history as one more betrayal from New Delhi.

Bhat said that Hurriyat Conference was also mulling to recruit new ‘grocery boys’ for office errands, but he could not wait for them as the process would take time.

“APHC leadership is not subservient to New Delhi for getting grocery from the market. In fact we had our own men for the purpose but they were laid off after government provided the police guards,” Bhat said. “There was no fun to keep too many people for a single job. Now with policemen gone, we will engage new boys.”

Hurriyat insiders told Dapaan that preference for the ‘grocery boys’ would be given both to in-service or ex-service policemen, with experience as security guards of politicians or bureaucrats.

“Don’t expect APHC to make compromise in the recruitment process,” Bhat said giving out a hearty laugh. “Experience matters, after all, in all the trades.”

Bhat, however, admitted that he was missing the security personnel as they were always available to hear his lectures.

“I am an old man now. Not rich like others! Peer mureedi ma chem.” Bhat said explaining his urgent requirement for ‘grocery boys’.

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