Indian hardline group calls for ban on maps with ‘Kashmir on top’

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Srinagar: With calls for complete boycott and ousting Kashmiris grow in India, a rightwing vigilante group has called for an immediate ban on country maps that “contain Kashmir on top”.

The call comes a day after the Governor of Meghalaya state batted for boycott of everything Kashmiri – even the Amarnath Yatra.

The group named Drohi Mukt Bharat has called upon the mapmakers to recall country maps depicting Kashmir and stopping publishing fresh maps with Kashmir on top.

“Kashmir is an abode of terrorists who killed our jawans. That terroristan does not deserve a place in our mahan bharat vaarsha.” Arnoop Khachperu, the leader of the group said. “And above all these maps place Kashmir on top. We will not tolerate this any more.”

Khachperu described Kashmir as hell.

“Narak hai swarg nahi, Sar pe chada rakha hai humne,” he said. “Ye Bharat ka sar nahin, sar-dard hai. Naasor hai. Tumor hai (It is not the head, it is the headache of India. A sore, cancer)”

Kachperu’s colleague, Dwusht Kumar said their party wants Kashmir evicted from maps, or at least its location changed.

“Dikhana hi hai to pairoon tale dikhaw. Wahan Ravan Nagri ke pas. Sar pe kyun chada rakha hai (If they have to depict it, why not near the feet, close to Ravan Nagri)” Kumar said.

The cartographers association of India confirmed to Dapaan that it has received calls for eviction of Kashmir from maps.

“We share the grief and anger of the countrymen. We will evict every trace of Kashmir from our maps,” a spokesman of the association said. “If required we will change its location too.”

Dapaan has learnt there was a growing pressure on cartographers to place Kashmir at the feet of India, a move that is likely to evoke opposition from Sri Lanka. However, another option of placing Kashmir closer to Andman Nicobar – in line with the calls of television warriors to send Kashmiris to Kala Pani – is also strongly being looked upon.

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