To stop water to Pakistan, Modi tells Indians to buy plastic tanks

Feb 23rd, 2019 | By | Category: New, South Asia

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked people to purchase plastic water storage tanks so that the country is able to divert water flowing into Pakistan.

“I urge all citizens to buy water tanks, plastic tanks, as many as possible for water storage. Only then we will be able to retain every drop of water, and not let a single drop drift to our enemy’s (Pakistan) territory,” Modi, in a surprise primetime televised address, said.

The Prime Minister said every patriotic Indian should dedicate the upper storey of his or her house to water storage tanks.

“Mitroon (friends), it has been our long desire to prevent sacred water of India from nourishing the terrorist nation. The dream is about to come true,” Modi said. “Our engineers tell us it would take time to build dams and divert water but I have faith in you that together we can build the capacity in just two days.”

Modi made a special appeal to women to lend their contribution in inflicting drought upon the enemy and help the country in enhancing storage capacity.

“We need storage. So much of water, it can drown us, if not stored well. So I ask my sisters to keep all the utensils – pateela, bartan, lota, jo bhi ho – ready, in case we might need that too,” the Prime Minister said.

Soon after, Indian finance ministry hailed the announcement as “path breaking”, which it said, would boost country’s industry and help in providing employment in bulk.

“All the plastic storage tanks and other accessories that people would be purchasing have been made under Make in India initiative,” reads a ministry release. “The water tanks, the ferrying, storing water, everything will need manpower and thereby generate employment.”

Officials at Central Statistics Office (CSO) estimate the move would increase country’s GDP in the next fiscal.





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