Forced by JK Summon, Delhi sends V K Singh as Governor

Feb 19th, 2014 | By | Category: South Asia

New Delhi: Forced by the summons of J&K Legislative Assembly to former Army Chief Gen V K Singh, the federal government has ordered the appointment of Singh as governor of the state.

The orders to this effect were issued by President Pranab Mukheerjee late night  Wednesday on the recommendations of Home Ministry.

“It has been a pressing demand of JK assembly to send Gen Singh to them. We cannot ignore it for long, as the demand comes from a state legislature, and it is a genuine demand,” Union Home Minister S K Shinde told reporters in Delhi. “They wanted him in the Assembly. Now I can tell them he is all yours in both the houses.”

National Conference Legislator Devendar Rana, who had been vocal about summoning Singh said it was a historic victory for state legislature.

“It is first time, New Delhi has honoured such a sensitive demand from state. It speaks volumes about the esteem Chief Minister Omar Abdullah holds in the centre,” said Rana.

The state assembly had summoned former army chief after he made some revelations about army funding to state ministers, particularly agriculture minister Ghulam Hassan Mir.

Rana said the revelation was a breach of trust of both the Army rules, and the special arrangement between centre and state.

“Now that Gen Singh has been appointed a governor, the issue of outside funding is automatically resolved. He can keep track of the money himself now,” explained Rana. “Now Singh, army, funding, MLA’s all are on the same side.”

Gen Singh told Dapaan that the position offers him the much needed chance to “engineer changes in J&K” himself, without relying on “unsuccessful endeavors like Ghulam Hassan Mir”.


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