Kashmir’s former informers say COVID-19 scare gave respectability to Mukhbiri

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Srinagar: The COVID-19 scare has lent respectability to the otherwise derided profession of ‘Mukhbiri’ in Kashmir, former informers from the region say.

Some senior Mukhbirs (police informers) who launched their public careers by reporting on militants in 1990s took to social media to express their awe at the zeal with which Kashmiris have taken to informing on their foreign returned neighbours in the wake of COVID-19 scare.

“Proud to be a Mukhbir,” wrote one informer turned politician Urman Wajid. “Glad to see Kashmiris realising the importance of informing on their foreign returned neighbours and their local accomplices. Remember, we were the pioneers.”

Another notorious counter-insurgent of his era, Wilayat Khan told Dapaan that Mukhbiri gave him everything in life “except respectability”.

“It gave me money, it gave me power, it gave me a political career, which I couldn’t launch, but it’s heartening to see Mukhbiri getting respectability among Kashmiris,” Khan said.

A national award-winning colleague of Khan told Dapaan that he can “finally rest in peace”.

However, a younger breed of informers, who were still active in the field, are said to resent the encroachment into their domain.

Sources told Dapaan that the informers have taken up the matter with police and army authorities.

“We risked our lives when Mukhbiri was ostracised, now with the COVID-19, every Tom, Dick and Harry is trying to outsmart us,” the informers resented, while calling on police to use their expertise than that of amateur newbies.

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