Modi launches Jan Joota Yojana  for workers walking back home

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Migrant workers New Delhi: In a major relief to stranded migrant workers walking back home after a sudden lockdown came into force across India amid Covid scare, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a scheme promising free footwear to affected workers.

Under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Joota Yojana, the workers will have to fill a form online once they reach their destinations.

While launching the scheme, a senior minister Aakash Wajedsar said the government have devised a foolproof mechanism to deliver shoes to the beneficiaries.

“To prevent bogus claims eligible beneficiaries will have to submit proofs of the journey, like travel selfies and pictures of bruised feet along with their applications,” Wajedsar told Dapaan. “The worn-out footwear too has to be deposited with the officials.”

Aadhar numbers and a certificate from the magistrates of cities they cross through are mandatory. Even the photographs of receiving punishments and beatings from policemen would be considered the proof.

“If claimants can attach the photographs or video clippings of themselves being beaten by police that is a tangible proof,” Wajedsar said.

PM Modi said the scheme was a slap on the face of detractors who say the government was apathetic towards hard-working countrymen.

“I am aware that long journeys will take a toll on the feet and footwear of the workers,” Modi tweeted. “Many people think we are not bothered about our hard-working countrymen. But this scheme is a slap on their face.”

Dapaan has learnt that the contract for the footwear has been granted to Reliance Industries.

“Thank PM! for your for your faith in made in India,” the company writes in its letter of thanks posted on twitter. “From fighter jets to footwear, we are there to deliver.”

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