Omar Abdullah trims beard, police look out for barber

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‘Social distancing violated’

Srinagar: Police has issued a lookout notice for an unknown barber who allegedly violated lockdown and social distancing restrictions to trim the beard of former J&K chief minister Omar Abdullah.

Police issued the notice soon after pictures of former chief minister with a trimmed beard and hair made rounds on the internet.

Omar had grown a long beard during his eight month long detention under Public Safety Act.

Police sources said that Omar was using his left over influence to duck questions about the identity of the barber, so they had no option but to issue the lookout notice.

“Police has questioned Omar about the barber, but he is claiming that he has trimmed the beard as well as the hair himself,” IGP Sangdil Singh said. “We know that is not true.”

Singh said government firmly believes that the barber might have failed to maintain the one-metre distance between himself and his subject (Omar Abdullah) while indulging in the act.

Deputy Commissioner, Srinagar Shahid Choudary said that Omar had set a bad precedent by violating the social distancing norms.

“Not only had he (Omar) and his barber violated the social distancing  restrictions, but he has also set a bad precedent.  His pictures are on social media. The Home Minster has taken notice,” Choudary told Dapaan. 

Earlier in a tweet Choudary had also lashed at critics calling out police action unwarranted.

“Height of irresponsibility, blatant covidiotism, can somebody refer to me WHO guidelines on haircuts.” Choudary tweeted.

“Don’t give a damn to conspiracy theories that Omar has himself trimmed his beard. Impossible. For eight months, when the man had nothing to do, no work, no appointments, he doesn’t trim a nostril hair and comes out looking like a wild bear,” he said in another tweet.

Dapaan had learnt that the district administration had prepared a dossier but were waiting for the police to identify the barber first.

Police teams have raided several localities looking for barbers and have detained some of them.

“We carried out raids at saloons in Sanat Nagar, Rajbagh and other localities looking for barbers but so far we have been unable to zero in on the real culprit,” a police spokesman said. “Both local, as well as non-local barbers, have been detained for questioning.”

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