Cumulative heat from candles will kill coronavirus, top scientist Amitabh Bachchan confirms

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Mumbai: India’s megascientist Dr Amitabh Bachchan has unravelled the scientific rationale of candle lighting called for by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for Sunday evening.

Bachchan said cumulative heat generated by billions of candles lighted at the same moment for nine minutes in a congested place like India will kill the novel coronavirus already weakened by the sonic vibrations of thaali bajao orgy last week.

“When you raise so much of heat, it is quite obvious no virus can survive this. This fact has been documented thousands of years ago, in our scientific shastras, which our prime minister always consults,” Bachchan said.

Besides being on the only megascientist in the whole of Akhand Bharat, which includes present-day Afghanistan, where he is known as Badshah Khan, Bachchan has also worked in several Bollywood films as a hobby.

Dr. Bachchan said that the Modified scientific spirit of the country will help it in defeating not only the coronavirus but also the poverty.

“Haven’t you seen garibi (poverty) walking out from Indian cities, thanks to Modi ji. With his blessing there will be no poor man in India,” Bachchan told Dapaan. “I have always say Modi hai to Mumkin hein (It is possible if Modi is there).”

Amitabh Bachchan Centre of Learning (ABCL), an institute dedicated for scientific research has in its latest study found clapping of utensils by billions of Indians on the directions of prime minister has severely weakened the coronavirus.

The research paper authored by Dr. Bachchan on how thaali bajao orgy has weakened the COVID-19 in India has been acquired by Discovery Channel to make a documentary on coronavirus.

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