Employee terminated for misspelling Bukhari as Bikhari

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Srinagar: The J&K government has terminated an employee for allegedly misspelling Bukhari as Bikhari in a social media post.

A government spokesman said the employee’s Facebook post, ‘Bikhari sab is great’, violated the Modi-fied code of conduct for employees (and citizens), in which any perceived intentions of criticism are to the rooted out at the root itself.

The spokesman said that even though the post in itself was not clear, the government was very much aware of who it referred to.

Police had initially ignored the post not linking it to the Bukhari which is hot nowadays,   but swung into action after it was alerted by the civil administration.

 “Our IT team busy scanning and censoring the posts carrying pictures of coal heaters (bukharis), and had initially missed this one. We will, however, see how this lapse took place,” Police spokesman, Anoj Shehri   told Dapaan.

An FIR registered against the employee also accuses him of trying to mislead the police through a vague post.

Police also warned people to refrain from criticising anything  remotely connected to coal heaters (bukharis).

The terminated employee, however, told Dapaan that allegations against him were baseless, and denied that he was referring to any Kashmiri politician.

Police is also investigating a Facebook post by another employee in which he had complained of De’longhi gas heaters, suspecting it to be linked to the politician favoured by the government.

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