Kashmir women group slams govt for axing female poplars, terms it sexist

Apr 8th, 2020 | By | Category: New

Srinagar: A women’s group from Kashmir has slammed the government order calling for axing of female poplars as sexist and urged the administration to revoke the anti-feminist directive.

The Cashmere Women Catchup (CWC) threatened to launch an online campaign against officials behind the directive to expose their “inherent anti-female motives”.

“This order is inherently sexist and we condemn it,” said Mansha Khursheed, a founding member of the catch-up. “The order smacks of male chauvinism that is prevalent in our society and not to talk of the higher echelons of our administration.”

Dapaan has learnt that CWC has embarked on a mission to get the order revoked.

“We will do everything to get this anti-feminist order nullified. This is the height of anti-female mentality,” Sherry Anum, a member told Dapaan.

“Why single out female poplars and spare males. We are collecting details of all the male officials behind this directive and would soon expose them one by one.”

“Watch out for this space on April 16. Male prejudice against female poplars stands exposed,” a post on the Facebook page of CWC announced.

With the move, the group has now extended its sphere to the plant kingdom by raising voice against the gender-related issues among trees.

“We are for females, be it in animals or plants and we fight against their oppression,” Sherry said. “Today they say axe female poplars and tomorrow they will say axe females in animals.”

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