Forced to beat essential employees as none else out in lockdown: Police

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Police said the workers were left with enough time to work after beatings
Police said the workers were left with enough time to work.

Srinagar: Reacting to criticism that its men were beating essential service workers in Kashmir, Police today said that it was forced to do so as the workers were the only ones out on streets, and “thus the only ones available for a beating”.

“You have to understand that we are not doing it by choice. We have to beat someone essentially as a curfew ritual. If the commoners stay home, who do we grab,” Waseem Dugal, a top police official in Srinagar said.

Waseem said that essential employees like municipal workers and doctors have to understand that “we are just doing our jobs, like them.”

“If the municipal workers are the safai wallas, we too are dhullai wallas. We are trained to beat the shit out of people,” Waseem said.  

He however refuted allegations that they were selectively targeting municipal workers.

“It is not that we are only beating municipal workers. We draw a quota from all sectors, including health workers, journalists and commoners out for some emergencies. So it is ridiculous to blame us for beating municipal workers only,”  Waseem said, responding to allegations from the city Mayor.

He also rubbished the allegations that police beating was hampering the essential works in the city.

“We have never stopped anyone from working. We just beat a few people for a few minutes. For the rest of the time they are free to work, even if they take some time soothing the pain,” Waseem clarified. “Now if some people want to make excuses, what can we do.”

In a communiqué, Police chief Dilbag Singh also appreciated the police personnel for “honestly unleashing their batons without fail, and without any discrimination” despite the huge humanitarian crisis the state was facing.  

“I am proud of my force that even the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t distracted them or diverted their attention from delivering what they are trained in,” Singh said.

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