Philanthropy: Kashmiri businessman offers 5-star hotel to govt as quarantine – for himself

Apr 19th, 2020 | By | Category: New

Srinagar: Riding the COVID-19 philanthropic wave, a top Kashmiri businessman has offered his five-star hotel (obviously out of business these days) to government for use as a quarantine facility, if the government “really” decides to put him into quarantine. 

Minutes after the offer, Deputy Commissioner, Srinagar, Shahid Choudary gleefully took to Twitter to publicise the businessman’s philanthropic passion.

“Cheers to top businessman Mushtaq, who offered his five-star hotel for use as quarantine centre, obviously for him and his family. Icing on the cake, he is offering discount on rent,” Choudary tweeted.

The businessman is accused of running away from a red zone area outside valley to travel home, and needs to be put into a quarantine as per the government’s policy for lesser mortals.

“I have been moved by stories of filthy quarantines, so want to do my bit in offering the facility to government on a meagre rent, for the time they want to lodge me there,” Mushtaq Ahmad, the owner of the Teapot group of hotels told Dapaan. “I won’t be charging them the five-star rent for the period they lodge me and my associates there, only the nominal government rate, apart from the tips for staff.”

The hotelier also denied accusations of running away from a red zone.

“There was no running involved. I asked my driver to drive me home. We had tea at so many places with so many people and policemen.”

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