India lays Hydroxychloroquine mines on LoC to fight Pak’s Corona infiltration

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Srinagar: Days after military and police officials disclosed that Pakistan was infiltrating corona infected patients through Line of Control (LoC), Indian army has started fortifying the Line of Control in Kashmir with Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) mines.

The army is also replacing sandbags in the bunkers with HCQ bags and plans to fire HCQ darts instead of machine gun fire and mortar shells at infiltrators.

“Right now our priority is to fight COVID-19. So before any gunfire, we will use HCQ darts so the coronavirus is neutralised first,” Brigadier L M Mathani told Dapaan.“The HCQ mines are being laid along the entire LoC which will form the first layer of defence. Besides sandbagged bunkers are being replaced with HCQ bags.”

Dapaan has learnt HCQ shells and darts have been delivered at the key infiltration routes on LoC.

Army spokesman Brijesh Samba said security agencies in the region were initially baffled after coming to know of Pakistan’s corona infiltration plans.

“We were shocked as to how to respond. Initially, we thought of setting quarantine bunkers for the infiltrators on the LoC, but the question was how to get them there,” Samba said. “Thanks to DRDO which overnight manufactured the HCQ darts and mines.” 

Samba said that sanitisation of the interior stretch of LoC was undertaken to neutralise any previous infiltration effects.

“We cannot afford to take any risk,” he said. “This is a very sinister design of Pakistan, but we are lucky to have Hydroxychloroquine with us, which is a game changer in the world today.”

According to some reports here, Police have also submitted a requisition for the HCQ darts and bags to the Home ministry.

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