WWE clinches telecast rights for JK Assembly

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Vince Mcmohan

The World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc (WWE) has signed a multimillion dollar worldwide live telecast deal with the Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly, that gives the company (formerly known as WWF) exclusive worldwide rights to the live telecast of state legislature sessions for next two years.

In a statement issued by the WWE from its Connecticut (US) office, CEO Vince Mcmohan said the company had been impressed by the acrobatics and stunts of J&K legislators.

“Who can imagine an old bearded, suited fellow, flinging a chair at colleagues? Or a Woman executive flinging microphone at the chair. That is the stuff we have to make up here at WWE, and there it is, for real,” Mcmohan told Dapaan over phone.

“We have been watching the assembly sessions for the last couple of years and to our amazement its intensity has been increasing session after session.

He said the deal heralds a new chapter for both parties.

“Now every expletive would be heard in digital sound and every move, every finger seen in High Definition,” said McMohan.


Action packed assembly sessions were crucial for the pact

According to sources in the Assembly secretariat, the deal was due last year but WWE backed out after the flamboyant Speaker Akbar Lone was removed from the chair.

“Akbar’s removal proved to be a deal breaker,” said the source. “We were close to creating history when Kalam-e-Akbari had taken social media by storm. Obviously, an unbridled Akbar would give Undertaker run for his money.”

However, the current action packed sessions of the Assembly, with PDP MLA Syed Bashir flinging chairs and slapping marshals, made WWE reconsider its decision, though, sources said, they are still interested in Lone as the Speaker.

“Yes, yes, we have requested for the former referee, I mean what they call him, the Speaker. He is real speaker, knows what to speak,” McMohan confirmed to Dapaan.

WWE has also offered to improve the setting of the assembly by installing a wrestling ring in the well of the House.


Syed Bashir and Akbar Lone have emerged as WWE favourites

While officials here were reluctant to share details, sources said that Lone’s reappointment was actively under consideration.

Chief Minister Omar Abdullah described the deal as historic.

“This is going to be one of the biggest foreign direct investments in Kashmir,” said Abdullah. “And I must say that it would have been impossible without the support of opposition parties.”

Abdullah later tweeted, #hurray, JK beats BIMARU assemblies. Our anarchy overshadows UP in-house stripping. Just signed WWE deal.


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