KU launches Masters in Corruption

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admission2014Srinagar: The University of Kashmir has launched a postgraduate programme in ‘Corruption’ which will be open to admissions from the coming session.

The program was announced soon after the government extended the tenure of Vice Chancellor Prof Talat Ahmad for another three years for his unquestioning hard work.

“I think this course was long overdue, but I was just waiting for my extension to check if the Varsity was really prepared for the course,” VC Ahmad said.

He said that J&K had enough raw talent in corruption which needed to be refined and the innovative ‘market oriented program’ was his tribute to the state.

“Already the university has enormous expertise in corruption. We have produced icons like Mushtaq Peer and others, so we are hopeful the pass-outs will have companies and government departments waiting for them,” Ahmad said.

To begin with the varsity will be offering Master of Arts (MA) in Corruption, but Ahmad said Master of Science (M.Sc) program was also under consideration.

“Our aim is to lead J&K into number one position from the present number two. The course will hone skills of the students and I am hopeful Bihar will no longer be at number one,” said Ahmad.

The syllabus for the new course has been finalised with papers on favoritism, hypocrisy, kickbacks, bribery, money swindling, immorality, embezzlement and forgery, a KU spokesman said.

“For these subjects we don’t need any faculty from outside. We have professors with proven expertise and a vast pool of backdoor appointees,” he said adding, “KU is like a big family. Even if we do need something in future, we won’t have to look beyond the families.”

The two year programme will also train students in handling work in Kashmir offices and extracting and manipulating government contracts. Getting Central Aid and packages in the name of militancy would be another specialization meant for KAS officers.

The course has already generated interest among students, but some parents were apprehensive of the admission procedure.

“We know this always happens, they will again select their own people, the sons and daughters of officers and politicians,” said Abdul Rehman, 51, who wanted his son to undertake the program.

VC Ahmad reiterated that his goal was to make KU the highest seat of learning.


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