Weatherman Lotus suspended for links to Western Disturbances

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198841_1638842292491_6387867_nSrinagar: Suspecting a foul play in the weather whims, the J&K government has suspended the director of Meteorological Department Kashmir Sonam Lotus and initiated an investigation into his potential role in the Western Disturbances.

The decision was taken at a cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Omar Abdullah after intelligence inputs that Lotus was riding the waves (western winds) to become a celebrity on social networking.

“This is a serious issue and whosoever is responsible for the deteriorating weather won’t be spared,” Abdullah told the cabinet.

“The Western disturbances have been making a mockery of our weather preparedness, and this man is riding the same waves to become a celebrity.” Abdullah later tweeted defending the decision.  “Definitely he has a vested interest in frequent bad weather.”

With Western disturbances originating from the Mediterranean Sea, and travelling through Pakistan, sources said the most famous weatherman of Kashmir may be tried under Enemy Ordinance Act if his links with the “militant winds” are established.

Officials said that the security agencies had been alerted after reports of Western Disturbances coming from a single source.

“Almost nine investigating agencies simultaneously zeroed in on Sonam Lotus,” said Chief Secretary IqbalKhandey. “He is the one who knows when it is coming, where from it is coming, how much it will affect and even the amount.”

Abdullah had been reportedly ignoring intelligence inputs about Lotus for some time, but the issue became serious after a number of pages about Lotus appeared on Facebook and garnered substantial following.

“Today on Facebook, Tomorrow on twitter, it was getting too big and too close,” the source said.

The government reportedly tried to brush the issue under the carpet by prohibiting Lotus to issue weather advisories under his name, but the action failed to curb his popularity as people were still “looking at the sky and thinking of Lotus”.

Dapaan has learnt that the Intelligence Bureau has intimated Home Ministry about possible ISI hand in frequent western disturbances.

“The government should dedicate more resources at our disposal to get to the bottom of this thing. With Western Disturbances reaching upto Delhi, government needs a focussed approach,” the IB has written to the ministry.

Meanwhile Peoples Democratic Party has castigated government for prosecuting Lotus.

“They are afraid of his popularity and think he may contest elections,” said PDP president Mehbooba Mufti. “He can predict how many ounces of snow each house receives in Kashmir.”

Mehbooba said that government was angry with Lotus after he refused to predict how many votes they will garner during elections.

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