Slip into a manhole! SMC Sewer maps will guide you home

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Srinagar's open manholes - no more a nuisance

Srinagar’s open manholes – no more a nuisance

The Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) has released a sewer map of Srinagar city to help people falling into manholes to make their way home through the sewers lines.

A 24×7 helpline has also been set up help people navigate the sewer lines.

Giving details, SMC Commissioner Ghulam Nabi Qasba said that people should carry these maps with them all the times, as the SMC was not in a position to cover all the open manholes in the city.

“It is not necessary to come out of the same shit hole you have fallen into. Using the map, you can choose a different shithole and navigate your way home through the sewer lines. You can choose a manhole which is easy to climb, or choose one nearest to your home,” Qasba said.

Alternatively Qasba said, people can call the toll free number, 1800420420 and get directions to the manhole of one’s choice.

“We have devised a technique for navigation too, if you want to move left lean left and for right lean right and you will reach your destination,” he said.

SMC’s initiative comes a day after a man fell into a manhole near Lal Chowk’s Lambert Lane but emerged near his Nowhatta residence.


SMC Commissioner G N Qasba

Sharik Majid, 32, was texting on his mobile when he slipped into an open manhole near Lambert Lane.

As his friends waited desperately for him to emerge, they received a Whatsapp message from him that he had emerged at another open manhole 6 km away in Nowhatta.

“I thought I will die, but I felt like time travelling and within ten minutes I was surprised to find myself emerging from a manhole near my home,” said Majid with still gelled hair.

Majid’s chance discovery of well connected Kashmiri sewerage lines encouraged SMC to launch the sewer maps.

“We long believed that we had well connected sewerage and drainage line, which have the potential of an alternative transport system,” Qasba said. “Sharik’s discovery gave us a much needed impetus and we have cashed on this discovery.”

Qasba however asked people not to ‘misuse’ the sewer lines for avoiding city traffic or the helpline for making flirtatious prank calls.

“This is an emergency service, the sewer lines cannot hold too much of traffic so I would ask people not to jump into shitholes unnecessarily. Also please do not call unnecessarily on the helpline. There is no female customer service representative there.”

The maps can be purchased for Rs 10 from SMC ward offices and for Rs 20 from newsstands. These can also be downloaded from the SMC website.

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