After Omar’s gupkar@gmail PDP launches papa2@gmail  

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papa2Unwilling to concede the space it has gained after a tough fight to Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has launched a parallel email campaign for their own introspection urging people to let them know the reasons behind PDPs success.

“The victory in parliamentary elections has surprised all of us. We  have done nothing special, allowed assembly sessions to function smoothly and last but not least avoided passing a resolution condemning Afzal Guru hanging. And still people voted for us, so sanity demands we should ask people the reasons,” Nayeem Akhter, PDP spokesman told Dapaan.

Akhter asked people to write to them at

The PDP online campaign was formally launched by party president Mehbooba Mufti.

“NC has lost mandate of people. Gupkar has no remedies to offer now. It is our turn to hear from you, write to us” said PDP president Mehbooba Mufti at a public rally in Anantnag while announcing the email address

While alludes to Abdullah’s residence at Gupkar in Srinagar, Ms Mufti’s official Fairview Residence is more popular among Kashmir by its former code name PAPA 2.

Mufti said that people could write about their expectations from a new government as well as about the failures of the current one.

“Those who still want to write to gupkar@gmail should send a copy to, so that we can track the status of the complaints,” said Mufti.

Ms Mufti’s father (papa) Mufti Sayeed is the considered the front runner for chief minister’s post in a PDP led dispensation.

Akhter told Dapaan the party’s choice of had nothing to do with the PDP’s alternately popular name.

“PDP is not a Papa Daughter Party. It is a democratic party. The junior Abdullah wants to fool the people by his feedback program, but we want to tell them that Gupkar has no remedies to offer, the right address is Papa2,” Akhtar said.

Akhter added the new address would also shed the baggage of PAPA 2 that has served as an infamous interrogation centre during 1990s.

“The Healing touch 2.0 will start from Papa 2 directly. It is a catharsis,” he said.

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6 Comments to “After Omar’s gupkar@gmail PDP launches papa2@gmail  ”

  1. fayaz seeru says:

    What a good work u guyz are doing. Typical analysis of happenings in kashmir by u makes deep impact. Hope the corrupt politicians and berocrates of kashmir shall understand your language who normally turn a deaf ear what else is published in local daily news papers of kashmir. Good luck..

  2. Dr kaur says:

    Cogratulaions on lauch of
    Keep up good work.

  3. Dr niranjan says:

    Mubarik,Its late why took so much time to start
    Anyway better late than never.

  4. Mohd Syed Shah says:

    Providing of Health facilities/Ration items in rural areas
    Reduction of Power Terrif
    Repairs of Roads
    Providing of Electricity/ Drincking water
    Pay anomaly
    Contuining of retirement are as 58 to provide chance for umemployed youth
    Dareness allowance
    Release of innocent people

  5. Jasrotia says:

    Actually any party or leader of any party who abused Modi, Showed ghost of Modi to terrorise voters ion name of M odi had to bite dust badly in elections. Naturally, if BJP candidate was not there ,others took advantage.You should not forget your victory is due to Modi and you should be grateful to him. It is right you did nothing but results confused you. So try to understand what Modi efeect gave advantage to your party also.

  6. Suhail Inamullah says:

    Awesome, amazing, dignified humour, zenith of comic political innovational work. Keep up