Corrupt officials to accept post-dated ‘chai’ in Ramadhan

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Srinagar: Expressing regards for religious sensitivities, the Kashmir Association of Working Clerks and Officers (KAWCO) has reiterated that any kind of bribes commonly referred to as ‘chai’ in government offices would be taken strictly through post dated cheques during the holy month of Ramadhan.

“We want to clarify that ‘chai’ (bribe and tips) during Ramadhan would be received only though post dated cheques, with payment dates falling on Eid or later.” A statement issued by the officers association said.

The association said the policy was already being followed in all the government offices.
Dapaan had earlier learnt that officials were refusing to take regular bribes in cash and asking people to pay in cheques, causing inconvenience to the people.

“Since this is the month of seeking the blessings and giving up misdeeds, we had unanimously decided not to accept bribe in cash in this month,” said Abdul Qayoom Spokesman of the association.

Qayoom said the policy had been initiated already, but had to issue an official statement to avoid confusion among people.

“Only class four employees who receive small tips are exempt from the policy,” the statement added.

“People visiting the offices should stuff currency notes in the pockets of peons and class fourth employees before entering offices with out asking, for their amount is too small to be drawn through cheques,” said Farooq Ahmad, the president of the association.

Corruption is a major contributor to state’s economy considered next only to tourism.

Finance Minister A R Rather has described the latest move as legendary and said his government was instrumental in this decision of employees.

“Not only will it help the in streamlining the bribe in this month but we can get a fair idea of transactions so that we can make it taxable,” Rather told Dapaan.

The move has been welcomed by all the mainstream political parties including National Conference, Congress and opposition Peoples Democratic party.

“We welcome the move and urge the officials to extend this offer to other months as well,” said Khursheed Aalam, a Peoples Democratic Party leader.

Aalam however cautioned the people against breaking the trust of officials by defaulting on cheques.

“In the past we have seen people not honouring the commitment and their cheques get bounced,” said Aalam. “It is a great sin to break somebody’s trust that too in this holy month.”


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